Wednesday, November 19

Jäger Bomb: My New Found Love

I'm so over relationships....I'm sick & tired of the lies & the game is getting tooooo old for me. Tonight I went out to clear my mind & I think I found a new heartthrob. Her name, Jäger. Jäger Bomb! I was introduced to her by Stokes Holmes, a bartender at Mellow Marshmallow, where the crew & I dine for our weekly meeting. Jäger is a mixed breed. She a mixture of Rockstar Energy Drink and Jägermeister and I love her energetic flair. I think I've found myself a new addiction...Jager, I heart you!

She'll soon have my last name...

Shout out to the Mellow Marshmellow staff for introducing me to my wife-to-be