Wednesday, November 5

Gotham City

Beyonce graces the cover of Gotham Magazine where she talked with the mag about being married to Jay-Z and her alter-ego, Sasha.

Beyonce on her marriage to Jay-Z:
“This is like my first relationship.” “I’m very private and, of course, I don’t talk about it, but I’m very, very happy. That’s all I’ll say. We were together for a really long time before we got married; we were in no rush. We don’t have a normal relationship because of our careers. But celebrity or not, you go through the exact same things. We’re not perfect.”

Beyonce on her alter-ego:
“I still have the values I grew up with. But when I’m performing, I’m able to be whoever I want to be.” “I have Sasha, and it’s kind of like a character, but I leave it on the stage. And I don’t walk around being over the top, the way I am onstage. It’s just a part of my artistic expression. I’ve learned to use Sasha for other things. Sometimes I have to be strong in meetings or in my everyday life. And I’ve learned how to use that side of my personality and merge the two. Definitely, when I was younger I was very sheltered. I never tried drugs. I was never out at clubs. I didn’t have boyfriends. So I kind of used Sasha to separate my sexual freedom onstage from my everyday life. And I still use Sasha to protect me.”

Here are some shots from the magazine spread.