Saturday, November 15

The Diva Next Door: Adele

Looking for a 20-year old soul-singer with a sultry, smoky voice?? Meet Adele!!! And the funny thing about it is, she's right at your back door....and she doesn't sell herself on anything other than her voice. Heeling from South London, Adele recently moved to New York to get over her writer’s block after releasing her debut album, 19. Now after Chasing Pavements in the UK, the soul singer is ready to take the States by storm and I can't wait. Adele wrote about breaking up, but many people fell in love with her debut album...WAKE UP PEOPLE! If you don't know Adele by now, it's time you do your homework! I've been saying this for months, and I'll say it again, we finally have real artists back on the music scene who are passionate about releasing real music.

“I’ve got nothing to write about. Really. I haven’t got a personal life. I’ve decided to move to New York to write my album. I have to change my environment and start again. Until I have something normal that your sister, auntie, cousin or mum can relate to, I won’t be writing anything.”- Adele

Adele- Cold Shoulder

Many people compare her to Amy Winehouse but I think thats sorta underselling the "Adele" brand in a way.

It goes with saying, shes a favorite in my book!