Sunday, November 16

A Banjee 2 pc.

I've randomly found myself at Churchs Chicken for the past 2-3 weeks. Every night!! Somehow I can't seem to resist the 2 pc. special they have featured this month. Banjee, I know 2 pc (wing & thigh), biscuit, and a side all for only $2.49 +tax= $3.13. How can you beat that? lol. Anyway, my choie of side is clearly the okra, fried hard. It's gotta be fried hard. If it's not fried hard, it ain't right! I secretly believe that its the okra that has me running back. If I knew the recipe, I swear I'll start cooking! I don't cook by the way, I guess that's why I'm ordering 2 pc. specials every night, lol....But it gets the job done. But after this month, I'm going to fast from FAST FOOD. I'll give you an update next month to see if I was able to hold off...don't hold me to it just yet, I have to prevent this urge first.