Friday, November 21

Baby's Younger Brother Terrance "Gangsta" Williams Blogs While Serving LIFE

Okay I'm one of those cats who considers himself to be well educated as far as the "who's who's" in Hip-Hop circles, cliques, extended family etc. And I vaguely remember reading about this cat but I wasn't FULLY aware of the fact that Baby & Slim of Cash Money Records have a younger brother Terrance "Gangsta" Williams who is serving a life sentence for drug trafficing(selling Heroin). Gangsta now has a blog that is being managed by Hip-Hop Activist Wendy Day of The Rap Coalition who posts his blog entries. Here is one I ran across that will give you an introduction of Terrance "Gangsta" Williams. I'll also be keeping tabs on his blogs and bringing you the best of his entries.

The Virgo Signing Off...

The Street Life

Whiiii! What's poppin fam's? Yeah, I address you as fam's because you're street people like I was. Anybody that's getting money or bustin his gun, is my street fam.... the real recognize real.

Picture this fam.... I was laying back in the three man cell I was assigned to, which is too small for two people.. Anyways, I had the radio on and Lil Wayne's "Milli" song came on. All I could do was smile. I remember when the lil homie was in the studio back in 97'. He had a mini afro back then and he was writing a rap to go on the "Hot Boys" album, a name that I gave my brother to name the group... The Hot Boys name came from some real street Gangster's Dooney, sterling, Mosquito and me. All three are dead now. "No we didn't bust raps we busts caps!!!"

I remember when Cash Money used to rent one raggedy bus to ride out of town to do concerts. I would be right there some of the times. Two guns and my bulletproof vest. While the C.M.R. Crew were entertaining people, I was hooking up heroin deals. The game was good to me. Well at least that's what we think, just because we are getting money, women are crazy about us, we riding in nice cars, wearing expensive jewlry, stacking money, busting our guns or paying someone to do it for us... the drug life is the life we all love until the Feds catch us. I know that's how I feel after ten years and four months in prison serving a life sentence.

Don't trip homie, the people haven't caught you yet so ball til you fall. But do you ever stop and think, that you are putting your family at risk? I know I didn't. And that's what led my mother to be shot. Actually the shooters were trying to kill my lil brother because they couldn't catch me. I know you may be thinking that you are too smooth to get caught slipping. "Oh yeah," well I thought that too.

I was shot in the left foot in 1991 while on the run from juvenile because I had escaped. I was stabbed in June of 1994, my lungs collapsed a month later. I was shot and lost a piece of my bladder and had to walk around with a colostomy bag on-- aka DooDoo bag for 23 months. The last time I was shot was in 1996, one of the bullets came out the front of my chest.

I played all the slick and kind roles in the game to deceive a person. Look at the picture of me holding my daughter. At that time I was attending Delgado Community College. By then, I had been arrested for Murder six times and plead guilty to Attempted Murder in 1993.

If you look at the picture that I'm eating the cookie ice cream you'll see I didn't have a mustache and my eyebrows are gone. That's because I had to dress like a woman to get to my victim. At that time I was young, so all the games you think is new, people before me has done and so on... The main thing that I trip off is we believe the world is ours while we are balling, but when we go to jail we call any and everybody to make bond or get us a lawyer.

Then we have the nerve to get mad at our woman when she leaves us once we get time. When you were free you came home when you got ready. You slept with any woman that let you. Yes indeed... I know you maybe thinking he just saying all this because he got caught. Yeah well, I'm doing enough time for everybody! And you still have a chance to get your life together. Even the ones that are thinking about selling drugs, trust me homie... it's a waste of time.

When you feel that you have to have those nice tennis shoes: Prada, Gucci, Polo, etc... or that you have to eat... so you say. Think about the people in Africa that don't have nothing. And most of all think about me. On June 24, 1999 the Judge sentenced me to LIFE plus 240 years! On March 6, 2002, the Judge re-sentenced me again to LIFE this time running the 20 years with the life...

Say no to drugs, stop the violence
and be aware of HIV and AIDS...

Be on the lookout for my upcoming novel "The Otherside of Bourban Street."

If you have any questions you can write to me:
Terrance E. Williams 25958-034
2680 Hwy. 301-South
Jesup, Georgia 31599