Monday, October 20

This is Not A Good Look for Beyonce

Apparently "If I Were A Boy" was written by an up and coming singer named BC Jean who wasn't given writing credit and accused Beyonce Knowles of stealing her song. Which makes Beyonce a thief one again! Remember this same exact thing happen on Bey's last album, B'Day, in which at that time she stole "Still In Love (Kissing You)" from British singer Des’ree and placed the song on her album without getting it cleared. The song was quickly scrapped from the deluxe album after Des'ree sued, prompting Columbia records to take the album off the shelf's. It seem like Bey still hasn't learned her lesson yet. Tho Knowles stated: "I borrowed this song from BC Jean because I liked it and felt it would round out my new album well, but am working to ensure BC Jean is credited for the music and lyrics.", there is still no logical reason why the matter at hand couldn't have been resolved before the song hit the airwaves. Fox News also ran a story stating that Toby Gad, who is listed as songwriter in the credits, stole the song from the unknown artist, Britney "BC Jean" Carlson after a failed agreement. The articles continues to state that Jean was unaware that Bey recorded the track. Neither Jean nor Gab have released statements concerning this matter. But back to the whole "writing credit" thing....It's not that hard to give writing credits, that's the least you can do Bey. But whateva the case, this is still not a good look for for Mrs. Carter....these accusations are becoming a bit repetitive with her. BC Jean on the other hand is going to shine & get paid regardless! That I know. I actually like BC Jean's demo version of If I Were A boy. Her vocals are on point & I like the rock feel she adds to the track. Take a listen and tell me your thoughts?

But nevertheless, we can thank Beyonce for introducing us to BC Jean, another rising star....just as she did with Jazmine Sullivan....and look where she is now. BC Jean is destined to be a star, so expect to hear more from her!