Wednesday, October 22

Is Lil Wayne Married to Nivea??

Rumors are swirling about Wayne and Nivea's official status, after Weezy was seen wearing a wedding band in pictures from the 2008 Bet Awards. Well Nivea is definitely feeling your boy Wayne and she damn near has more pictures of HIM on her Myspace page than she does of herself. She also refers to herself as "Your Wife" in a song titled "Happy B-Day Wayne" by Mack Maine ft. Nivea. The following blog has been posted on Nivea Myspace Page in response to the "rumors".

Dear Myspace Friends,
To let everyone know about the "HAPPY BDAY WAYNE" song was a private song made by Mack Maine feat. Nivea for Lil' Wayne's birthday; the song was not suppose to be released to the public but it was released on Mack Maine's Myspace page. There was a lot of requests for the song, so it was uploaded on this page. We were just made aware about a lot of rumors flying around blog sites about the song & no the rumors are not being addressed. It has not been confirmed & there is no known "sources". Like I've said before this page is to promote Niveas' music & up incoming Events or Projects she will be apart of. This page is not to talk about rumors you hear or haters to hate. If you don't have anything positive to say about Nivea or her Music please keep it to your self. Thanks. Xoxo♥ -Myspace page monitor

Here's the song. U be the judge.

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