Thursday, October 16

"Coolio's Rules" Premieres 10.28.08

Coolio's Rules Preview Special aired on The Oxygen Channel on 10.15.08, and it looks like a promising venture!! The show brings the viewer into the current state of the Multi-Platinum Artists' life. After loosing his mansion to his ex-wife, Coolio now lives by modest means along with his 4 children Jackie(15), Artis(18), Brandi(19) and Artisha(20). The Grammy Award winner, found a new love for cooking and has opened a catering business "Coolio's Catering" which he runs with his kids and Jarez his Soux Chef/Right-Hand Man. Tune in to see Coolio balance a music career, dating, a business and Single-Parenthood before your eyes. Although I've been disappointed by mediocre attempts at family oriented reality shows (i.e.- Snoop Dogg's Fatherhood) "Coolio's Rules" however kept me glued and I am looking forward to the premiere October 28 on Oxygen. For more info visit

The Virgo signing off...