Monday, September 29

Salt n’ Pepa Plan Muiscal Biopic

80s rap icon Sandy “Pepa” Denton recently revealed that she, Salt and Spinderealla were working on bringing their life story to the big screen. As many of you know, Salt n’ Pepa were the first female rappers to garner mainstream success with such hits as Shoop and Whatta Man. However, after finally striking it big in the early 2000s, the group disbanded, and only recently united via their VH1 reality series The Salt n’ Pepa Show.
“It’s a story that needs to be told,” Pepa told WENN. “It’s that girl-next-door story- people would identify with it. It would make a great movie - very juicy.” Pepa revealed she would like Meagan Good to portray her in the film. “Meagan Good could play me in my younger years. She reminds me of myself,” said Pepa. Earlier this year, Pepa released her memoir titled Let’s Talk About Pep. The book chronicles Pepa’s rap career and revealed the abuse she suffered in her childhood and failed marriages. She also speaks on her “breakup” with Salt and their eventual “reunion”.