Friday, September 5

Pharrell’s Billionaire Boys Club goes high fashion

You know you have made it in the fashion industry when icons such as Karl Lagerfeld wear your clothing in a fashion shoot. Pharrell Williams, always known for his own taste in high fashion has received the ultimate compliment from famed fashion icon when Lagerfeld chose to wear Williams’ Billionaire Boys Club Space Down Jacket for a recent Harper’s Bazaar photo shoot. Apparently, Lagerfeld and Williams have a professional relationship and Lagerfeld is not only a fan of Williams’ designs but is a fan of hip-hop as well. “Believe it or not I love rap!” Lagerfeld told Bazaar.
While BBC and Ice Cream have had their ups and downs in the United States, both brands have flourished overseas particulalrly in Japan and Hong Kong where street wear is all the rage and where Pharrell is a household name to the young and hip.

Farah Allen