Monday, September 22

Nelly - Brass Knuckles: A Review

After four failed singles (that you probably can’t recall), I thought that Nelly was officially done with. However, after forcing myself to listen to the album in its totality, I can confidently say that Brass Knuckles is actually a pretty hot album. I KidduNot!!! From the drop of the beat on the first track, “U Ain’t Him” (feat Rick Ross), I immediately knew that the selected singles were an atrocious representation of a good album. Seriously, I was thinking “why wasn’t this a single?” As I continued listening to the album, I continued to ask myself that same question. I seriously want to contact Dirty ENT. and tell them to let me do Nelly’s A & R!!!

Back to the review… I really like this album because it gives you classic Nelly. Surprisingly, he actually raps more than he “sing-raps”, but unlike most rappers that try to sing, he actually sounds good doing it! In addition, classic Nelly albums always give you a variety of topics. He has the love songs, the sex songs, the hustle songs, the self-esteem building songs, and of course the club bangers! Being the well-rounded individual that I am, I really appreciate an album that I can get more than one vibe from. Because this review is going to be unbiased, I should also note that I think the album has a couple of unnecessary collabos. His label probably thought that by putting more relevant artists on the project, Nelly would appear to be more relevant than he actually is (taking into account his considerable absence from the industry). I however am ESTATIC to report that unlike every other album released by a Black artist in 2008, Lil Wayne is NOT featured on any track or any remix to a track or any bonus track or anything!!! I KIDDUNOT!!!!!! lol

In conclusion, Nelly’s Brass Knuckles is definitely something that you won’t feel like you wasted your money on! Give it a chance and I guarantee that you won’t be disappointed!