Wednesday, September 10

Lets weight in

Mtv, take notes! Last night's Fashion Rocks is how you put on a show. Im never entirely please with any award show/fashion show or whatever. Maybe my expectations are set too high who knows!?!? But I was atlease satisfied with the models who TIPPED on the runway all night long. And the vocals of each performer met standards! Did you hear how good Rhianna sounded last night? She covered Madonna's "Vogue" and actually it a great job covering the piece. There were a few imperfections in the show tho, like the microphone. The show gave me " mic check 1,2 1,2's" last night. You can tell the artist sounded much better if you were in the audiance, but the mics were crappy as shit! But all in all, I love the line-up that graced the stage and futhermore, I loved the tributes that were given to artist such as Sam Cooke (who is my fav. singer of all time by the way) down to Etta james, whose another favorite of mine. Thas wassup Fashion Rock!

In case you missed it:

Rihanna performs her own version of Madonna's Vogue

Beyonce's tribute to Etta James

Duffy Sings 'Mercy'

Solange performs 'I Decided"

Just a few of the highlights