Thursday, September 11

Kanye and assistant arrested at LAX

Kanye West has just been arrested at LAX for felony vandalism. It seems as tho a photographer was at the American Airlines terminal trying to take pics of Kanye. That's when the rapper got upset, confronted the guy and apparently "smashed his camera to the ground." That seems weird, I thought Ye' loved the camara. But anyway...then another pap started to videotape the whole scene. That's when, according to reports, Kanye's assistant tried to help and grabbed the camera. After a struggle the assistant broke the video camera by throwing it on the ground. When Kanye realized the one of the guys filmed the whole incident, he ran over and apparently yelled, "Gimme that f*cking tape!". But clrealy that didn't work!
Instead, Kanye and his assistant were arrested and are now waiting to be booked! C'mon Ye, you gotta do better man. This is not a good look for you homie.