Thursday, September 11

Dying to be thin?

Marcus Lloyd I respect your work, I truly do! However, I am about to rant-a-fool on yo ass. Marcus is a model by the way, who has really doin his thing & been on top his game at that. But what the hell is going on with his weight lost is my question? Wow, his new look is not a healthy one. Clearly, based off these recent pictures above, Marcus is on a new eating regimen. What it is? I don't know, but I want him off of it! He has dropped major lbs. thru the course of 2 years. He was at his heaviest in 2006, then he lost about umm maybe..15-20 lbs and looked decent. He was definitely ready for the runway. Now, Months after he shed the extra body fat, Marcus has taken it to another level and dropped even more weight. Now He looks a fool, he is too skinny. He almost looks like a little boy now. My concern, you ask? Is this healthy!?!?! I know you hear the saying like "Don't feed the models" but damn somebody needs to, some babyfood or something. I mean dieting is fine don't get me wrong, but don't starve yourself for goodness sake. It's comes a point where you (yourself) know or should know when to stop!

In these pics above^ you can see Marcus at his heaviest in the wifebeater....then on the far right you see marcus at a "perfect weight" so to speak. It was cool then. I don't know what went on in his head or who whispered in his ear, but "thin is not in" iKidduNot! The industry is blinding these young models thinking that any amount of body fat is too much, when in actuality, being too thin is unhealthy. Thats the got'cha got'cha! People we need to do better. Stop letting this crazy industry run & ruin your life in the process of getting to the top! And that being said, Im talking all aspects of the entertainment industry, from entertainment to fashion.

Photos: Lateboots