Tuesday, September 23

Clay Aiken Decides That We Can Handle the Truth: He's Gay

(Sept. 23) - Clay Aiken is gay.
Perez Hilton has an exclusive look at the latest issue of PEOPLE magazine which features the former 'American Idol' runner-up and his Ellen-inspired admission 'Yes, I'm Gay.'
For years, the singer has dodged questions about his sexuality, but has now come out for the sake of his newborn son.
Aiken isn't the first celebrity to come out today. After months of speculation, actress Lindsay Lohan finally divulged that she is dating DJ Samantha Ronson.

Aiken had lashed out at Diane Sawyer during an interview just over two years ago when she asked about rumors of his sexuality. "At some point it becomes really rude," he said to Sawyer. "I don't understand why you want to know. I don't know why it's any of your business."
Aiken had also said constant questioning of his sexuality in the tabloids had affected him deeply. " "Even though stuff about me that I read in the magazines isn't true, it still makes me lose sleep," he said. "I hurt, not just for my mother who has to watch it happen and who hurts for me. At least when I was in middle school … I understand why they picked on me."
Aiken had also refused to come out of the closet to PEOPLE magazine in an interview done the same week as his sit-down with Sawyer.
"What do you say? It's like when I was 8. I remember something would get broken in the house, and Mom and Dad would call me in and say, 'Did you do this?' Well, it didn't matter what I said. The only thing they would believe was yes. People are going to believe what they want." Clay Aiken Speaks To PEOPLE on Rumors