Saturday, August 23

YouTube Video Of The Week: Mr. YouTuBe

I had a bad run in with India Arie earlier this year, Simply she was a bitch! Excuse my french. I won't get into the story, so I'll leave it at that! Anyway, I still love her music and the positivity that comes along with it nevertheless, so naturally Im still a fan....of her MUSIC!So I was doing my daily YouTube Run And came across one of my favorite India songs "Ready For Love" being covered by...Well lets just call him "Mr.YoUTuBe". I KidduNot, dude killed this joint! Vocals on point like a mutha! See I knew a guy could cover this joint and do it justice, just as India did! Shout to "They Call Me Mr.YoUTuBe" for the talent provided! will be lookin out more from you. To catch more tunes by our showcase this week, you can check him out at his Myspace & Youtube page listed below. Show this black talent some love. Young'n doin his thing!