Thursday, August 28

Notorious: Cast Members @ Vibe Anniversary Party

Hi Kidds,

I like this cast. Know why? Because I have never seen them before. Everyone has there favorite black actors but I have noticed that our white brothers and sister have new actors to fall in love with every new movie. We black folks have grown accustom to this double standard. There are tons of black people in theater school, acting classes that may have real talent like these people below and never see the big screen. Therefore, Kiddunot family lets support them and stop hating. If they suck they suck lets hold them responsible for the non talent I don’t care how fine or good looking they are. Please demand talent. So to rap this rant up. Let’s keep tabs on the Notorious cast and see how famous or infamous they become.

Naturi Naughton, who plays Lil Kim in NOTORIOUS

Antonique Smith, who plays Faith Evans in NOTORIOUS

Anthony Mackie (and an enormous bottle of Hennessey), who plays Tupac Shakur in NOTORIOUS

Farah Allen