Tuesday, August 19

Milk & Honey

If you know Atlanta, you know it's known for its food spots. Every weekend I scout around the city looking for new places to eat. This weekend I hit up Milk and Honey with my brother Miguel & my friend Eva. And let me tell you, it was a great pick for breakfast. The decor setup was very...umm "Brunch-Lounge-ish" if that makes sense. Let me get to the food, starting with the tea. Im a true southern boy from the south so you know I love me some sweet tea! Milk & Honey made it the right way, like my grandma (GOD bless her soul) did when I was younger. They hit the spot! The Milk & Honey sweet tea is pure sugar with a hint of watermelon & MINT! Tasty Right?....Wait, it gets better. I had the Brooklyn breakfast: two eggs (scrammbled) with cheese grits, turkey bacon, and fried green tomatoes. The cheese grits were great, not too gritty; made to perfection pretty much. And to my surprise, for me not to be a fan of tomatoes at all, I actually enjoy the fried green tomatoes! The waitress MADE me order them & Im glad she did. The biscuits were also fluffy and delicious (thanks Eva for letting me nibble in your plate *wink*). Miguel had the French Vanilla waffles which were extremely good! I know,I know... Imma greedy bitch...I ate off everyones plate lol. But you know I will definitely be back soon....Like this weekend coming!