Saturday, August 16

Lil' Kim in Sweden

A fan of KidduNot, Vlad, emailed me these pics of the Queen Bee in Sweden and informed me his IMPRESSION of meeting Lil' Kim for the first time. Here's his story:


I wanted to share with you my inside story from my experience with Lil' Kim while she was here in Sweden. I went to the concert she performed at as well as the after party. Now, I dont know her that well or have ever cared for her until I met her this weekend BUT I must say my views changed seeing her in front of my face. I believe Kim is one of those few artists who look different in real life(and in a VERY GOOD way I mean). She was actually very small and petite and beautiful in person. I was pleasantly suprised. She has a great aura and presence about her. I was able to get close enough to meet her and snap a few pics throughout the night. She was so nice she let me stay around and was not bothered by me at all. She just danced the night away with her team/friends and Kelis. Anyways, I just wanted to share my experience with the "Queen Bee". I saw people were being so critical about her and from my first hand account I can tell you she was gorgeous, sweet, and very giving. Hopefully, you will use my story just as another side of the fence. I think in this world we should give people good and bad oppurtunities/chances and I wanted to help out and give another view. I want to personally share my exclusive photos I took and they are completely candid and untouched. Feel free to use them or post them with my letter or however you see fit. Thank you so much and take care.

Lil' Kim's newest fan,


Damn, seemed like they all had a good time. It's good seeing Lil' Kim and Kelis together....And speaking of looking good....Kim, that grape shot, damn you looking tasty right dere!! lol....Thanks for the shots Vald!

Kodak Boi