Monday, August 18

Lil Cease HardBody Video Pt 2

Last week I posted pt.1 of The Lil' Cease workout video....Now catch "What To Eat" in pt. 2. Seems like Cease is getting alot of hits off these workout videos. I kidduNot, Pt. 1 had over 100k views in 2 and a half days (YouTube, and Viral Video). Pt. 2 has already had over 100k views in just 8 HOURS. Its set to be 2 more mini trailers/promos, before the DVD drops.
Lil Cease HardBody Video

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In related news, catch Lil' cease in the upcoming issue of Vibe (15th ann.). The feature in the publication is based upon the upcoming Biggie movie due out Jan 09'. Also check out Naturi (former 3lw chick)in character as Lil' Kim with the orignial members of Junior M.A.F.A.I. Nino, Money L,. Here are some scans: