Saturday, August 30

Jordans, and why I never bought 'em...

What's good readers, it's ya boy BabeBro reppin' Kiddunot all day everyday. I wanted to take the time out to discuss some things. Uncommon things I don't usually see discussions about.

As a young teen, while attending High School (where your fashion sense is utterly important) I always noticed a pattern. A pattern that was habitual to almost every young person ranging between 13-18 years old. It was something that was so common amongst people that I would actually be surprised at the constant similarities. Judging by the picture shown above and the subject line, you can pretty much sum up the point of this entry.

I recently just purchased my first pay of Jordans ever. I sat and thought about all the years I never purchased them and it all dawned on me. Jordans are the epitome of "crack" sneakers! LOL! And don't take that the wrong way at all, but these are the only kicks I see that take over in waves. Maybe not now as much as when I was in High School (1996-2000), but when ever they drop, they cause a stir, and that is a huge part of why it scared me off.

This is the Air Jordans XVII. It comes equipped with pashav, which held the shoes and a compact disc containing the Air Jordan XVII song. The retail price of the shoe was $200. $200 dollars? No offense, but they never contained anything that stood out worth $200. I always caught myself buying some Pumas, Etonics, Nikes, or even some New Balance, LOL. Jordans always scared me off due to their popularity. When it comes to fashion I always stray away from what everyone wears. Can you imagine what that Monday morning looked like at the High School of Art & Design during the time I was attending? It was hilarious to watch the entire class of 2000 in feet uniform, Hahaha! I always stood out with my bright Saucony's or thick lace shell top Adida's. Jordans have always been overrated in my opinion. There are a couple that cought my eye. Since their creation in 1985, Jordans continue to be the "it" sneaker of the youth.

The Jordan IV (shown here in baby blue) are known to be the best of the Air Jordan family. And to be honest I can see why. The design is one of the most unique in the series and one of the most appealing. Most Jordan kicks always look like space boots to me. Like something the Jetsons would wear or some shit, LOL. Anyways, Jordans have definitely been scarce amongst people nowadays. The name still moves units, but how long will it sustain? In honor of Michael Jordan, the last Air Jordan will be the Jordan XXIII because the number 23 was the number he wore during his NBA career. Let's hope they tweak them up a bit to meet the standards of today's fashion. The whole Kanye & Pharrell movement has shifted the color of Hip-Hop. You can catch hood kats rocking fitted pants and 80's style jackets. Will we see a hot pink and neon green pair of J's anytime soon? Only time will tell folks. In the mean time, I will hold off on being a part of a Jordan shoe coalition :O)