Wednesday, August 20

DUFFY the Vampire

Real talk, I've always had dreams of growing up becoming an A&R. A&R stands for 'Artist & Repertoire' for those unfamiliar to the term. It's like scouting for talent, image consulting, you know. Anyway, I always wanted to discover musical talent. I was always looking for that fresh new sound...Always kept my ear to the street!...Even til this day, I still do(i.e voicemail). When I first heard this voice, I was so stunned! This is the vocal talent I've been searching for all my life.

And after failed attemtps by Amy Winhouse and countless others...With A voice more fierce than her name, Duffy finally provides real music to my ears. I was surprised I was just catching on to her a few months back. I felt lost; I needed to do my homework on this chick from the UK cause I was slacking! She was one of the music industry's biggest secrets and I was late! Now that Im schooled, Let me school you! Duffy is a soul vocalist. She gives you BLACK GIRL 70's soul, a sound reminsesate to Teena Marie, & most of all heartfelt vocals! She sings circles around the artist, we here in the states, call singers.

Dont believe me, listen to the audio. Im delivering you a video as well just to hold you over till you do your HOMEWORK. I can't do all the work for you, so Im leaving the rest to you. I already briefed you, given you audio...and a video, you do the dishes! You have 72 hrs. The clock is ticking, what are you waiting for?

Video: Stepping Stone

Kodak Boi