Monday, June 9

Skys The Limit

In Life, We All Walk In Different Shoes. But Somehow, Someway...In Some cases, End Up On The Same 2way Street. Along The Way, That Walk Could Be Blurry, But When You Have A TEAM Of People Who Share The Same Vision....Oh, That Road Is So Much Easier To Walk Down! With The Blur Gone And A Journey Ahead Of Us, I Persent To You, Consist Of Kodak Boi(me), Farah Allen, Casual Cal & The Sneaker Man Himself, Mr. B.a.t.e.s. Follow Us As We Walk In Our Crisp Pair Of Nike Dunks, Sperrys, Chuck Taylors & Farah's Stiletto Heels, As We Bring You All Things Fashion, All Things Entertainment And Everything Else In Between! Sit Back, Pull Up A Beach Chair & Relax. Were Prepare'n You For Summer The Right Way!