Friday, June 13

Atlanta 255-"Watch Your Step, You Guys Are TIPPING Over"

Last Night I Met Up Wit The Crew, Minus The B.a.t.e.s, At 255 Downtown To Watch The Game. The Game Was The Last Thing On My Mind! I Dont Watch Basketball. I Just Did Something To Kill Time. As Long As I Can Take Pictures, Im iight Tho...But The Spot Was Dope. We Hung Out Wit Our Friend Kim...Whose Bday Is This Weekend(We Gonna Party It Down Fri & Sat *wink*). Man, Atlanta Holds A Storage Full Of Trendy People. People Came Thru Tipping The Whole Night! Atlanta Gives You That... Of Course Tho, You Know You Had A Few Bamma's In The House

Enjoy The Pix!