Tuesday, August 25

We Miss You.


Oh behalf of the KidduNot crew, I would like to take time out to pay homage to our fallen angel, Aaliyah Dana Haughton. This day 8 years ago, we received the tragic news that Aaliyah will no longer be with us. That moment in particular will forever live in my mind -- I vividly remember where I was. Throughout her career, esp. in 2001, Aaliyah touched us all in countless ways--through her music, stage performance, personality, & warm spirit. She definitely made her mark and will forever be missed!

Video: Aaliyah - HOT LIKE FIRE

It's the A-a-l-i-y-a-h!! We miss you Baby girl.

Share some of your fond memories of our "Baby girl" in the comment box...and we'll meet you there!