Monday, August 24

A Taste of Shanell

This chick is really giving me what I need right now. When I first heard that D. Woods's sister was trying to put an album out, I payed it absolutely no attention. Little did I know, this chick is really talented.

If you recognize her face, it's because she played the lead female role in Lil Wayne's "Prom Queen" video. But what you may not know is that she actually penned the track for Wayne.

Shanell, a.k.a. SNL, currently has a mixtape out, entitled A Taste of Shanell. PressPlay below to hear her first single, "Play In My Band."

And since this one is featuring my girl Nikki Minaj, you gotta check out "Handstand" too.

I love her style. She really perfects combining R&B with Rock 'n' Roll.

Sidebar: is it a good thing or a bad thing that Lil Wayne always finds great artists to join his team? If Bow Wow comes out with an album before Nikki Minaj or Shanell, it will solidify my opinion that artists as record execs/managers/CEOs/etc. always leads to complete FAILs.