Saturday, June 6


Featured on Elton Anderson's Blog

Wanting life-shots to enhance the new blog layout, and other branding ideas, I took on Photographer Elton Anderson [L10] to pull my vision to the forefront. Granted, I'm often seen as the guy behind the lens, but this shoot was my brand & my image--I was the focus.

Rebranding the website, respectfully, into it's rightful zone, Elton captured me in various stylish-yet entertaining, lifestyle shots. That's exactly what KidduNot is about--fashion, life and entertainment--minus the gossip! Were going in a new direction...well the same direction, but with a lot less gossip. Check our references under "Bookmarks" for all that ish.

I'm still looking for lifestyle bloggers to join, so if you know of any, send them my way via email.

Click here to view more pictures from the shoot, and catch the chicken making a cameo as well.