Friday, June 12

She's Like The White Female Version Of Trey Songz

Just like our boy Trey Songz, JoJo stays remaking somebody else's tracks. It started when she redid SWV's "Weak" for her debut album, JoJo. Since then, she's been singing over everything. If you've been following KiDDuNot since this past summer, you've heard version of one of the biggest james in 2008, T-Payne's "Can't Believe It." If you haven't, check it out below:

It's randomly hot, right?

Well she just did a version of one of my favorite tracks from an artist who is just starting to gain the fame he deserves, Drake. This song was already ridiculous, and it sounds even more hot with a female's vocals on it.

JoJo is definitely on some other s**t. I wonder if she'll channel this heavy hip hop influence that she's having on the new album she's working on.