Monday, June 22

"I Want A Bond Weave...With Some Burgundy Fingers Waves And Some Glitter!"

Video: Gina accidentally loses Martin's tickets to a very important professional basketball game. She later finds out that Sheneneh also has a pair of tickets to the same game, and begs Sheneneh for them. Sheneneh, who doesn't like Gina and enjoys watching her suffer, decides to make it difficult for Gina to get the tickets. She compels Gina to work off the debt in her beauty salon.

This show is timeless...

Special appearance by Laquita .

"Laquita I-ain't-no plastic surgeon, ok?...don't be bringing me no picture of Whitney Houston....because Your NOT Whitney Houston. You're not even Bobby Brown, ok? I'm sorry, ok?--Now what you do is make it your prerogative, bring me a picture of Flavor Flav and we'll talk" - Sheneneh on giving Laquita a make-over