Monday, June 22

Allow Me to Introduce Myself.......


I guess since we’re in the age of whoring for relevancy, I’ll jump on the band wagon just this once. I mean what better way to introduce my self to my new people right? Though I’m not going to (does air quotes) "accidentally" "leak" any nude photos to get my name on your tongues. (*ahem*) A little celebrity name dropping association might do the trick. Lol.

If you know me (as you soon very well will) you know I’m a loyal Brandy head. Naturally I follow her on twitter (she follows me too :-). Anyway she tweeted a simply deep (Thanks Kelendria) motivational nugget last week, and it’s stuck in my head:

"What people think about you is none of YOUR business..."

Wait for it...Wait for’re welcome ;-)

-Corey Norwood Guevarra.